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Buyer's Guide to Web Analytics

Web Analytics Buyer's Guide -- published April 2004
Editor - Terry Lund

Do you need better reports to measure your Web results from search, affiliate, email, site tweaks, or online ads?

This 1st edition Buyer's Guide to Web Analytics gives you comparison charts for 53 products from 48 vendors.
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Web Analytics Vendor Listing

Let me know if you have vendors to be added , or other changes, so that the list will include all web analytics vendors.
We recently added some low end products including some free tools and scripts
  Company Comments Product Name(s) Web Site URL
1 24/7 Search Search Marketing tracking 24/7 Search http://www.247search.com/Web-Analytics.html
2 24-7 Real Media, Inc.   Insight XE http://www.247realmedia.com/products/webanalytics.html
3 Aboavista   Iris Metrics http://www.irismetrics.com/
4 Acclivity Marketing uses indextools.com   http://www.acclivitymarketing.com/ptracking.htm
5 Akamai   Site Wise http://www.akamai.com/en/html/services/web_analytics.html
6 Analog Popular, powerful, free log file analysis   http://www.analog.cx
7 Atlas DMT/Net Conversions   True Usability http://www.netconversions.com/
8 AuriQ Systems   Rtmetrics http://www.auriq.com/
9 AWstats     http://awstats.sourceforge.net/
10 Bluestreak   IonStream Marketing Analytics http://www.bluestreak.com/
11 Boutelle.com, Inc.   Wusage http://www.boutell.com/wusage/
12 Burning Door Syndication Services, Inc. Analysis of RSS feeds   http://www.feedburner.com/fb/a/home
13 Buystream Acquired by Watchfire   http://www.buystream.com/
14 Casselware, Inc.   Website Reporter http://www.cgiadmin.com/scripts/wr/
15 Clickalyzer page tagging, ASP   http://www.clickalyzer.com/
16 ClickFox     http://www.clickfox.com/
17 ClickLab Version 2 - click fraud detection   http://www.clicklab.com/
18 Clickstream novel data collection Clickstream Data Collection http://www.clickstream.com/products.php
19 ClickTracks Analytics, Inc. Powerful clickthru visualization   http://www.clicktracks.com
20 comScore Networks, Inc. Panel based measurement Media Metrix http://www.comscore.com/
21 Coremetrics     http://www.coremetrics.com
22 Counter.com part of SuperStats   http://counter.superstats.com
23 D Stat     http://www.dstat.com/en/
24 Databeacon     http://www.databeacon.com
25 Datanautics formerly Accrue Software Insight, G2 http://www.datanautics.com
26 DeepMetrix   LiveStats http://www.deepmetrix.com/
27 DoubleClick ad serving, moving into analytics   http://www.doubleclick.com/us/products/marketing_analytics/
28 EasyStat     http://www.easystat.net/
29 eCommStats ASP, page tagging   http://www.ecommstats.com/
30 Elytics   Analysis Suite http://www.elytics.com/index.html
31 EngineReady, Inc. PPC tracking Conversion Analyst http://www.engineready.com/
32 eXTReMe Tracker     http://extreme-dm.com/tracking/
33 Fireclick   Netflame http://www.fireclick.com/
34 FXweb Web Technologies   WebTracker http://www.fxweb.com/tracker/
35 Greenlight   TrafficLight http://www.greenlight.co.uk/web-analytics/
36 Harvest Solutions ASP, page tagging   http://www.harvestsolutions.com
37 Hitwise ISP based benchmarking data   http://www.hitwise.com/
38 Hotscripts.com free and shareware tools   http://www.hotscripts.com/cgi-bin/search.cgi?bool=AND&query=web+traffic+analysis&category=all
39 IBM   SurfAid http://surfaid.dfw.ibm.com/web/home/index.html
40 ICEtracks SA (Pty) Ltd   ICEtracks http://www.icetracks.com/
41 IDfr   Wysistat 5.0 http://www.wysistat.biz/
42 iHotCounter the name says it all; free counter tagging   http://www.ihitcounter.com/
43 Implix ad tracking tools HyperTracker http://www.hypertracker.com/
44 indextools.com     http://www.indextools.com/
45 InfoFirst, Inc.   NetAudit http://www.netauditnow.com/
46 Informatica   eSite http://www.informatica.com/news/press%2breleases/2001/05292001.htm
47 Instadia   ClientStep http://corporate.instadia.net/
48 Intellitracker     http://www.intellitracker.com/
49 iperceptions User experience tools webValidator http://www.iperceptions.com/
50 iWebTrack.com   iWebTrack http://www.iwebtrack.com/
51 Ixcite Visual Software   Ixsite Web Analyzer http://www.ixacta.com/products/ixsite/
52 Keylime Software purchased by Overture   http://www.limesoft.com
53 Kowalick, Inc   MR2 http://www.kowalick.com/
54 Likno Software Inc.   SiteSpotting http://www.sitespotting.com/
55 Loyalty Matrix   MatrixOptimizer http://www.loyaltymatrix.com/
56 Mach5 Enterprises   Mach5 Analyzer http://www.mach5.com/
57 Manticore Technology page tagging   http://www.manticoretechnology.com
58 Maxamine business intelligence software   http://www.maxamine.com/
59 Maximized Software   FlashStats http://www.maximized.com/products/flashstats/
60 MetriServe web analytics service   http://www.metriserve.com/
61 MINDLAB GmbH   Web Mining software http"//www.mindlab.de
62 MondoSoft     http://www.mondosoft.com/
63 Moniforce also provides performance data webSensor, webAlarm http://www.moniforce.com
64 Monocle Solutions   WebLog Manager http://www.monocle-solutions.com/weblog/home.shtml
65 myComputer see also Zeducorp SuperStats http://www.mycomputer.com/index2.html
66 Nedstat     http://www.nedstat.com
67 Net Applications   HitsLink http://www.hitslink.com
68 NetRatings, Inc. Panel based measurement Nielson/NetRatings http://www.nielsen-netratings.com/
69 NetIQ log analysis and page tagging WebTrends http://www.netiq.com
70 Offermatica testing and optimization tools   http://www.offermatica.com
71 Omniture page tagging SiteCatalyst http://www.omniture.com
72 OneStat     http://www.onestat.co.uk/
73 OpenTracker page tagging   http://www.opentracker.net/
74 Opinion Labs behavior/attitudinal assessment OnlineOpinion http://www.opinionlab.com
75 Optimal IQ private label web tools   http://optimaliq.com/
76 Overture Services, Inc.   Marketing Console http://www.content.overture.com/d/USm/ays/mc.jhtml
77 Owl Marketing ad tracking tools AdWatch http://www.owlmarketing.com./
78 Performance Drivers   LifeLine http://www.performancedrivers.com/
79 Pilot Software   Pilot HitList http://www.pilotsoftware.com/products_solutions/hitlist.html
80 Portent Interactive     http://www.portentinteractive.com/tools_webanalytics.htm
81 Quest Software   Funnel Web http://www.quest.com/funnel_web/analyzer/
82 Radiocom Ltd SEO and some traffic analysis WebSite CEO http://www.websiteceo.com/index.htm
83 Realtracker     http://www.realtracker.com
84 RedEye     http://www.redeye.com/
85 RedSheriff acquired by NetRatings, Inc. Customer Intelligence http://www.redsheriff.com/us/content/home.html
86 ReportMagic works with Analog   http://reportmagic.org/
87 Revenue Science formerly digiMine   http://www.revenuescience.com
88 Roicast merged with SteelTorch   http://www.steeltorch.com
89 S&H Computing Systems, Inc.   LogRover http://www.logrover.com/
90 SageMetrics   SageAnalyst http://www.sagemetrics.com/index.asp
91 Sane Solutions log file analysis Net Tracker http://www.sane.com/
92 SAS   Intellivisor http://www.sas.com/solutions/intellivisor/
93 Sawmill     http://www.sawmill.net/
94 Site Intelligence   VBIS http://www.site-intelligence.co.uk
95 Site Meter free, counter tracking   http://www.sitemeter.com/
96 Smart Plans LLC   Profit Smart DM http://www.profitsmartdm.com/
97 speed-trap Ltd   Propohet & OV Prophet http://www.speed-trap.com/
98 SPSS   NetGenesis http://www.customercentricsolutions.com/applications/webanalysis/
99 StatCounter free tracking tool   http://www.statcounter.com/
100 Stats4You.com     http://www.stats4you.com/
101 StatSoft, Inc.   WebStatistica http://www.statsoftinc.com/webserver.html
102 SteelTorch Software, Inc.   Caliper http://www.steeltorch.com/
103 Summary Pro     http://www.summary.net/
104 Surfstats     http://www.surfstats.com
105 Tenmiles Corporation log processing; built with PHP and mySQL LiveMon http://www.tenmiles.com/livemon/
106 Think Business Services Ltd page tagging, ASP InSite http://www.thinkmetrics.com/tour.php
107 Touch Clarity Ltd.   iO Enterprise Web Analytics http://www.touchclarity.com
108 TraceWorks   StatLynx http://www.traceworks.com
109 Unifact Corporation evolution of BI analytics UniViz Analytics http://www.unifact.com/index.php?REF=0016
110 Urchin Software   Urchin 5 http://www.urchin.com/
111 Viewmark   ViewMetrix 3.0 http://www.viewmark.com/index.cgi?CONTENT_ID=5
112 Vincera   Sales Alert for User Activity http://www.vincera.com/home/home.html
113 VisitorLogs.com     http://www.visitorlogs.com/index.htm
114 Visual Insights     http://www.visualinsights.co.uk
115 Visual Sciences All collection types, powerful analysis and visualization Visual Site http://www.visualsciences.com
116 Vividence Panel based measurement Vividence XMS http://www.vividence.com/
117 W. Moore & Co. ASP, page tagging starting at $9.95 a month WebStats Gold http://www.webstatsgold.com/
118 Watchfire purchased Buystream WebXM http://www.watchfire.com/
119 WatchWise Inc.   WatchWise http://www.watchwise.com/
120 Web Site Traffic Report, Inc.   Web Site Traffic Report, WSTR http://www.websitetrafficreport.com/
121 WebAbacus     http://www.webabacus.com/
122 Webalizer     http://www.webalizer.com/
123 WebCriteria acquired by Coremetrics   http://www.coremetrics.com
124 webHancer   X-Path Web Analytics http://www.webhancer.com
125 WebMetrics   HitAnalyzer http://webmetrics.com
126 Websidestory Inc.   HitBox. HBX http://www.websidestory.com/
127 WebtraffIQ   WebtraffIQ http://www.webtraffiq.com/
128 WhiteCross Systems     http://www.whitecross.com
129 WiredMinds Inc. visitor tracking and availability data WiredMinds http://www.wiredminds.com/
130 World Market Watch, Inc. novel visualization of overall traffic VisitorVille http://www.visitorville.com
131 Wynsoft Systems Ltd.   FastStats http://www.wynsoft.co.uk/Products/FastStats/index.htm
132 Zeducorp Web-Site-Tools Dot Com SuperStats http://www.web-site-tools.com/superst.htm
133 ZY Computing, Inc.   123 LogAnalyzer http://www.123loganalyzer.com
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